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Avoid sun exposure one week before your menses

pic Avoid sun exposure one week before your menses

Do you keep a calendar of your menstrual cycle? I used to when I was younger; it was particularly useful when I was planning adventurous vacations because I normally avoid going for trips during that time of the month. It was really all for the sake of convenience and nothing related to my skin but now, there is a good reason to keep track of the cycle especially if you want to avoid pigmentation issues. Keen to know more? Then keep on reading!

Extrashade SPF30 sunscreen for rich complexions

Extrashade Sunscreen Extrashade SPF30 sunscreen for rich complexions

Fans of the Viva Woman Facebook Page might remember an article I posted up last month titled “The Importance of Sunscreen for Women of Color”. Until then, I was naively under the impression that those with darker skin tone don’t need additional sun protection since the extra melanin makes it harder for their skin to burn. In fact, I’ve read that people of color have a natural SPF of 13, meaning they have a “built-in” sunscreen that makes them less susceptible to sunburn compared to those with fairer skin tones! However, while it is true that the melanin present in darker skin makes it harder for the skin to burn, the harsh ultraviolet rays can still cause premature aging, sun spots, and wrinkles. And of a greater and growing concern is the threat of skin cancer for this community because of the general lack of awareness and interest in sun protection.

Topical Astaxanthin for younger and fairer skin

Skin care with Astaxanthin Topical Astaxanthin for younger and fairer skin

During the course of my research about Astaxanthin, I found out to my delight that the ingredient not only protects our skin against the sun when applied topically, it can also provide significant benefits to UV damaged skin, including reduced wrinkles and younger appearing collagen. In fact, a study had shown that topical Astaxanthin acts as an effective “skin whitening agent”, reducing melanin by 40 percent, and greatly reducing freckles as well as age spots (source). And as I set out to hunt for this ingredient, I realized that I had already used a product containing this ingredient without being aware of it until now!

Carotenoids: Astaxanthin as an internal sunscreen

BioAstin Astaxanthin Carotenoids: Astaxanthin as an internal sunscreen

Okay, this is what I’m SO EXCITED to share today – Astaxanthin supplements! I learnt about it last October when a reader by the nick of Destiny mentioned the beauty benefits of this supplement in one of her comments. In fact, she has been taking it regularly together with her husband and she noticed their eyesight actually improved within weeks! Since reading her comment, I began to research materials on this and once I’ve established that this supplement can provide sun protection, I immediately latched on to a spree at iHerb and ordered two brands (Healthy Origins and BioAstin), which I later discovered, were also recommended by Destiny.