My sunscreen is giving me more spots…or not?

broad spectrum sunscreen

Hello everyone! Hope you had a wonderful time ushering in the new year! 2012 started out extremely well for me but I've also been very preoccupied during the past few days due to the celebrations. So very quickly today, I want to answer a question posed by a reader via email, who is wondering why ...

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Do alcohol in sunscreen cause photosensitivity?

alcohol denat

It's kind of a shame that many sunscreens in the market contain alcohol in their base ingredient and I'm referring to alcohol denat, SD alcohol, ethyl alcohol, ethanol, or isopropyl alcohol. It is widely known that such alcohols can break down and disturb the skin’s natural acid mantle, causing ...

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Apples can protect your skin against sunburn


Recently, I read that Song Joong Ki's secret to having beautiful skin is that he eats apples and drink yogurt everyday. "Through regular motions I take care of my health and my skin as well at the same time”, he said. (source) I have no idea who he is except that he's a Korean celebrity who endorsed ...

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