Thai beauty secrets: natural herbal aromatherapy

Prann Thailand Cosmetics

I noticed that the Thai market seems to be very supportive of their local brands; their fashion and beauty brands are pretty dominant as seen in their strong presence in the department stores. Another observation is that Thai beauty brands pride themselves on using Asian heritage as a selling ...

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Share: do you like your massages hard or soft?

Thai massage spa salon

Coming to Thailand is not complete if you haven't tried their traditional Thai massages. But Thai massages are not for everyone because the traditional ones require the masseuse to apply firm rhythmic pressing and stretching of the entire body; this may include pulling fingers, toes, ears, cracking ...

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Herbal bath tea soak for the weary shoppers

Herbal-Bath Tea

After two days of shopathon, which essentially comprise walking and more walking, we are both pretty worn out. We took time for some foot reflexology to soothe our aching feet and also decided to head back to the hotel earlier to unwind. The hotel that was booked for us comes with a huge bath tub ...

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Bangkok: Greyhound is not just another hound

Greyhound Boutique Bangkok

The fashion scene in Bangkok has really picked up over these four to five years and the offerings are a lot more interesting now. On the first day, we already scored some interesting buys and I think most of my shopping funds are going to fashion items and accessories rather than skin care ...

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