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Getting that golden smile to improve your looks

golden smile Getting that golden smile to improve your looks

When we think about how to improve our looks, most of us think in terms of our skin – like evening out the skin tone, removing the wrinkles, eliminating the spots or getting a face lift. Probably, few of us actually think in terms of how our teeth can drastically help us look better and even younger.

Herbal womb care for beauty inside out

 Herbal womb care for beauty inside out

Earlier this week, I received a complimentary session of herbal womb care therapy massage at True Beauty.  As some of you know, I enjoy their natural facial services as I do see immediate visible difference after each session.  And I later found out that besides the efficacy of their products, the key reason why their facials are able to deliver effective results is because Susan uses a combination of massage techniques involving lymphatic drainage and activating the meridian energy points to promote blood circulation and remove toxins from within the skin.

Tri-Luma for melasma & brown spots

melasma article Tri Luma for melasma & brown spots

For those of you who have read the article “Zapping off those brown blotches” in Mind Your Body and am interested to use Tri-Luma to treat your melasma or brown spots, please read my review on the Tri-Luma cream. It may work to some extent but it does have its limitations. In fact, I was concerned that certain important information were omitted in the article.

First, your skin can become thinner using Tri-Luma because this is a skin bleaching cream!

What helped clear my cheek acne?

acne clearing beauty products What helped clear my cheek acne?

Today I want to do something different. Since I’ve been plagued with my cheek acne problem for awhile now, and I did discuss some recipes and products I’ve used, it’s best I show you in real terms how they’ve healed so far.