Tri-Luma for melasma & brown spots


For those of you who have read the article “Zapping off those brown blotches” in Mind Your Body and am interested to use Tri-Luma to treat your melasma or brown spots, please read my review on the Tri-Luma cream. It may work to some extent but it does have its limitations. In fact, I was concerned that…

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What helped clear my cheek acne?


Today I want to do something different. Since I’ve been plagued with my cheek acne problem for awhile now, and I did discuss some recipes and products I’ve used, it’s best I show you in real terms how they’ve healed so far. People who have met me during this period can attest to how bad the…

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Review: Tri-Luma Cream to lighten age spots

I’ve been very careful while using the Tri-Luma Hydroquinone Cream that my dermatologist has prescribed to me last month.   And since yesterday, after seven weeks of usage, I stopped applying anymore of it on my face because I noticed that some of my spider veins were more obvious than usual, which is a sure sign that my skin have become thinner.  No more…

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Sebaceous cysts can grow on vagina too

Oh gosh.  I just made a revelation while researching on the topic of sebaceous cysts treatment.  The small yellowish dome-shaped lump or bump that grew on my vagina area when I was a teen was actually a sebaceous cyst!  I never got to find out what it was though I’ve long gotten rid of it.  I only…

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