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Yukuko Tanaka face contouring and anti-aging massage

Recently, I received a query from Lina if I’ve come across Japanese beauty expert Yukuko Tanaka (田中宥久子) and her Zogan face contouring massage techniques (塑颜按摩法).  Lina is from the Essential Day Spa forum and according to her, a number of them at the forum are interested in this technique but because of the language, are having some difficulty figuring it all out.  I visited the thread and found that a number of them have given positive reviews after trying the massage techniques for just a week or more.

DIY lotion mask demo by Chizu Saeki

I remember reading about Japan’s leading beauty expert, Chizu Saeki launching her book The Japanese Skincare Revolution, which includes a collection of unconventional skincare tips such as wearing a shower cap over your face and thinking about sexy men. I had made a mental note to check out her book when I have time but till now, I haven’t got down to that.

Viva Challenge: massage your face weekly

Okay, I’m back with Viva Challenge again and this time, I’ll like to introduce to you the idea of doing your own facial massage once a week. I’ve actually been wanting to write about DIY facial massage that I’ve been doing sometimes but found it difficult to write out the instructions. So I was happy to find this video on anti-aging facial massage which I chanced upon on Skindeco.

Crimping my hair for more body and volume

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One of the tricks I picked up from the hairstylist who did my hair during my wedding is that I can use a crimper to give my straight and fine hair a different texture and more volume.  It’s actually very easy and I can achieve the effect very quickly within 10 minutes.  The only tool I really need is the crimper but I can use some hairspray if I want a more lasting effect. 

2572162129 589cf4b15e o Crimping my hair for more body and volume

First, I need to heat up the crimper for about five minutes.  After which, I start with the insides of my hair,  take sections of it and put the crimper on for around one minute on each section.  The longer I leave the crimper on, the harder the look of the crimps, which may not be natural looking.  It’s also important that I do not redo the sections I’ve already crimped otherwise my hair would look too brittle. 

2572998638 e83221d151 o Crimping my hair for more body and volume

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