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Viva Shop Feature: Shinorganic online store

Shinorganicproducts Viva Shop Feature: Shinorganic online store

I stumbled upon Shinorganic when I was looking for John Masters Organics line of products. I’ve read some good comments about them in the forum and since their prices were cheaper than the other sources I found on the Net, I decided to order from them. In addition, I like the fact that they operate in Singapore which means I could save on shipping costs!

Viva Shop Feature: Yours Essentially

yours essentially oils Viva Shop Feature: Yours Essentially

I’m really excited about today’s shop feature on Yours Essentially, an online store from Singapore that offers natural skincare ingredients like carrier oils, essential oils, hydrosols, clays and some body butters.

With more women increasingly interested in DIY beauty, I hope to use this feature to give a glimpse into the behind-the-scene operations of such online stores. And I have Jess and Louis to thank for agreeing to participate in this feature, and at the same time, giving me more insights on how they run their business. They even had a video made, to show us how they prepare their products.

Viva Shop Tour: V&M Dead Sea Cosmetics

Vardi Midgal Dead Sea Cosmetics Viva Shop Tour: V&M Dead Sea Cosmetics

Have you been stopped in your tracks while you were shopping in Suntec City or Vivo City by a foreigner only to be asked for your hand? Well, I have been approached a couple of times when I walk past this particular push cart at these shopping outlets but I’ve never stopped because I was rather skeptical about what they’re trying to sell me. Plus they seem quite pushy for my liking.

Viva Shop Tour: Bud Cosmetics at Square 2

bud cosmetics Viva Shop Tour: Bud Cosmetics at Square 2

If you’re looking for natural and organic skincare products in Singapore, then Bud Cosmetics is the place to go because they have a fairly extensive organic range which can meet your beauty needs from head to toe. I have stumbled across their online store many a times but this was the first time I visited the shop, thanks to owner Eric Chew, who agreed to have his store featured under my first Viva Shop Tour. And I was pleasantly surprised to find the little shop so well stocked! I don’t know why I never discovered the gem earlier!