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Why I love shopping at iHerb and what I usually buy

iHerb Natural Beauty Products Why I love shopping at iHerb and what I usually buy
Hihi! As promised on my Facebook page, this is a post to show you what I’ve been getting from iHerb.com. Sure I’ve been getting lots of beauty products from there but I am also buying lots of other items given that I have over 35,000 choices! In fact, I have been shopping at iHerb at least once a month since end of last year and I never run out of things to buy. If it’s not replenishing my stock, it is checking out new stuff that are regularly brought in. How many of you understand that it’s really hard to resist the low prices, wide choices and occasional free shipping promo? (^O^)

Visolift: facial that lifts your skin & your spirits

Visoanska’s Visolift Facial Visolift: facial that lifts your skin & your spirits
My last facial was January last year. Since then, I’ve not had any, not even when I was offered complimentary sessions. Somehow, I didn’t feel motivated to have my face pampered and I thought I would never go for one again until a recent invite for the Visoanska’s Visolift Facial changed my mind. So what inspired me? Well, the idea of a cult treatment dedicated to firming up the skin via a series of massages sounded pretty enticing. I also had a good impression of Sccube The Apothecary when I last had a facial there back in 2010.

Soap Paradise: handmade artisan soaps from S’pore

beautiful handmade soaps Soap Paradise: handmade artisan soaps from Spore

Attention soap lovers in Singapore! I’m so pleased to introduce you to Soap Paradise, a one-of-a-kind handmade artisan soap store. Yeah, no need to join sprees to order from Chagrin Valley in US as you can now get beautifully designed and may I add, sweet smelling handmade soaps locally. I won’t say I’m a huge fan of soaps but I do take quite a bit of interest when they look and smell good. And the ones from Soap Paradise look and smell like delicious yummy cakes to me!

Simply Organic Oil Emulsion Haircolor @Ecorganics

Simply Organic Professional Hair Color Simply Organic Oil Emulsion Haircolor @Ecorganics

Did you know that some hairdressers actually have very sensitive skin on their hands? Apparently, many of them have this problem because they’re in constant contact with chemicals such as ammonia on a long term basis. My ex-hairstylist has this problem and I know he has to take medication to curb the frequent flare-ups of eczema on his hands. So this is the reason why more salons are introducing ammonia-free permanent hair color. An example is Ecorganics I visited two weeks ago that uses a safer permanent hair color with Simply Organic Oil Emulsion Haircolor.