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VMV Hypoallergenics Skin-Specialist: safe skin haven

VMV Hypoallergencies VMV Hypoallergenics Skin Specialist: safe skin haven

I was pretty excited to learn that VMV Hypoallergenics Skin-Specialist Boutique has opened at ION Orchard. Although this is the first time I’m learning of VMV, this cosmeceutical brand with the world’s only validated hypoallergenic rating system has actually been around for over 30 years since 1979. And given that a number of you have told me that you’ve got sensitive skin, I’m guessing that skin care solutions that are safe and boast of a rate of less than 0.1% reported reactions with a rating system that show the number of allergens absent might get your interest too.

Having my brows groomed at Browhaus in Paragon

browhaus browgraphy Having my brows groomed at Browhaus in Paragon

I emerged from Browhaus, the brow salon, with the skin around my eyebrows all red and slightly sore but yet I can’t wait to get my next treatment with them! This is the first time I’ve experienced threading and I love it! Because my eyebrows were hardy unruly, they weren’t dramatically transformed but they look a lot neater without the stray hair strands, which were impossible to be tweezed out completely even with my trusty Tweezerman.

Getting the Kimia glow raved by Victoria Beckham

Kimia Facial System Getting the Kimia glow raved by Victoria Beckham

I received an invitation to try the Kimia Facial System back in December, but only found time to try it out last week. I hardly go for facials these days because they’re too time consuming, but was interested enough to try this one out only because one, the products are in the natural category and two, I read that Kate Moss and Victoria Beckham have testified to the brilliance of Kimia’s Facial System. Yes, I not only fall for pretty packaging, I fall for celebrity endorsements too!

Save up to 40% on beauty buys at Changi Airport

Perfumes Cosmetics Changi Airport T3 Save up to 40% on beauty buys at Changi Airport

Hey VivaBellas! Hope you’re having a good weekend so far. I know some of you are traveling as you’ve mentioned on my Facebook page. So did you buy anything from the airport or do you plan to buy something when you return? I wanted to check out some items at Perfumes & Cosmetics in Changi Airport prior to leaving for my last trip but you know what, I never got down to it. Actually, it sounds kind of strange to want to buy something prior to leaving for a trip isn’t it? But it’s not so if you consider the substantial savings you’ll get to enjoy off your favorite beauty brands.