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Help…the hungry fish are eating away my feet!

fish therapy Help...the hungry fish are eating away my feet!

Woah…lookie lookie. That’s me, my first moments of having my feet savored by Doctor Fish. Nicknamed nibble fish, they are imported from Turkey and they love to feed on dead skin. I think many of you have tried this treatment before but this is my maiden trial. I didn’t really have too much desire to try this until I was invited along this tour to learn more about the beauty offerings at Changi Airport. So as part of the tour, we were invited to Fish Spa & Reflexology and I opted for the fish spa over the other treatments out of curiosity.

Natural instant face brightening facial treatment

Natural facial treatment Natural instant face brightening facial treatment

Some of you may remember The World Of Organic Skincare and their Manuka Honey Facial? They’ve made some changes to their business since I last visited them in September 2009 when they first opened their new outlet at East Point Mall. The company is now carrying only Living Nature products and the name of their store and salon has also been changed to reflect such. So instead of The World Of Organic Skincare, they’re now officially known as Living Nature in Singapore.

Beauty Emporium @ Dempsey: 1-stop beauty store

Beauty Emporium at Dempsey Hill Beauty Emporium @ Dempsey: 1 stop beauty store

Finally, I’ve visited Beauty Emporium at Dempsey Road after wanting to check the place out since their opening. It’s not a convenient place to head to unless you drive or take a cab and if not for the the invite of Spa Espirit to attend their Essential Oils Workshop last Saturday, I’m not sure if I’ll ever head that direction. Dempsey is a place I associate with teak wood furniture and carpets but it has now come alive with rows of eateries and restaurants. And Beauty Emporium is located at Blk 8D, just behind Ben & Jerry’s.

Kelyn Esther Garden Spa Eco Organic Facial

Kelyn Esther Facial Kelyn Esther Garden Spa Eco Organic Facial

I haven’t been going for facials for about four or five months as I was done with my usual facial package and didn’t feel like renewing nor trying new ones. In fact, it was only after two months of corresponding that I finally agreed to give Kelyn Esther Garden Spa Eco Organic Facial a try last week.