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Save up to 40% on beauty buys at Changi Airport

Perfumes Cosmetics Changi Airport T3 Save up to 40% on beauty buys at Changi Airport

Hey VivaBellas! Hope you’re having a good weekend so far. I know some of you are traveling as you’ve mentioned on my Facebook page. So did you buy anything from the airport or do you plan to buy something when you return? I wanted to check out some items at Perfumes & Cosmetics in Changi Airport prior to leaving for my last trip but you know what, I never got down to it. Actually, it sounds kind of strange to want to buy something prior to leaving for a trip isn’t it? But it’s not so if you consider the substantial savings you’ll get to enjoy off your favorite beauty brands.

Beauty Emporium @ Dempsey: 1-stop beauty store

Beauty Emporium at Dempsey Hill Beauty Emporium @ Dempsey: 1 stop beauty store

Finally, I’ve visited Beauty Emporium at Dempsey Road after wanting to check the place out since their opening. It’s not a convenient place to head to unless you drive or take a cab and if not for the the invite of Spa Espirit to attend their Essential Oils Workshop last Saturday, I’m not sure if I’ll ever head that direction. Dempsey is a place I associate with teak wood furniture and carpets but it has now come alive with rows of eateries and restaurants. And Beauty Emporium is located at Blk 8D, just behind Ben & Jerry’s.

Get your custom blend mineral makeup at Lolita

customized mineral makeup Get your custom blend mineral makeup at Lolita

I had some fun on Sunday visiting Lolita at Marina Square, a makeup store that specializes in custom blend mineral foundation and makeup. I think this store will intrigue a number of you who have had problems getting your foundation to match your skin color. In fact, I learnt that many of us tend to “force” our skin tone to suit the makeup color when we should really be paying for makeup that suit our skin tone.

Kelly Edwards natural skin care range from UK

Kelly Edwards Skincare Kelly Edwards natural skin care range from UK

A couple of weeks ago, I met Kelly, the founder of Kelly Edwards Skincare, when she was visiting in Singapore. Kelly is an Aromatherapist and a Biology Graduate. Looking at her flawless complexion, one can never imagine that she used to have bad skin as a student. In fact, it was her skin problems that led her to create her own line of products using mostly natural plant botanical ingredients.