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Kelly Edwards natural skin care range from UK

Kelly Edwards Skincare Kelly Edwards natural skin care range from UK

A couple of weeks ago, I met Kelly, the founder of Kelly Edwards Skincare, when she was visiting in Singapore. Kelly is an Aromatherapist and a Biology Graduate. Looking at her flawless complexion, one can never imagine that she used to have bad skin as a student. In fact, it was her skin problems that led her to create her own line of products using mostly natural plant botanical ingredients.

Martha Tilaar opens at Marina Square in S’pore

Martha Tilaar Martha Tilaar opens at Marina Square in Spore

Martha Tilaar, a leading cosmetic brand from Indonesia, has opened its first international store at #02-341 in Marina Square Mall. The shop carries three range of beauty products made from Indonesia’s natural ingredients and are all developed specifically for Asian skin type living in the tropics.

Natural Korean skincare from TheOrangeCo.com

Ecobeau Blemish Balm BB Cream Natural Korean skincare from TheOrangeCo.com

If you like Korean skincare and makeup products, or you like using BB cream, then this shop feature on TheOrangeCo.com is definitely going to interest you. The company offers some of these popular Korean skincare and beauty products but the chief reason why I’m covering them is because the company is the exclusive distributor for Ecobeau Specialist Skincare – a natural series from Korea that is said to be made from botanical extract and contains no alcohol, no preservatives and no parabens. While I haven’t tried the range as yet, but I thought the products deserve some highlight here. Plus, TheOrangeCo is generously giving away some of the products to three lucky Viva Woman readers. Keen to know more? Read till the end to find out!

SuperNature: one-stop organic lifestyle store

SuperNature Organic Store SuperNature: one stop organic lifestyle store

It was quite a hot afternoon when I visited SuperNature, a store located at Park House, a condominium in Orchard Boulevard. I had great difficulty locating the place and finally arrived like half an hour later than scheduled perspiring from the heat and as you’ve guessed it, feeling quite flustered. In fact, I almost wanted to give up half way but good thing I didn’t, because my moods were lifted as soon as I saw the many rows of natural and organic skin care products in the 4,500 square feet store. Honestly, I was only expecting a small selection of beauty products in the organic store especially since the website wasn’t that telling and the focus seems to be on food and groceries…so boy was I surprised!