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Natural & organic nook at Chinatown

Dragon Dor Cosmetics Chinatown Natural & organic nook at Chinatown

It may have been two years since I last stepped foot in Dragon Dors Cosmetics at People’s Park Complex in Chinatown. This is the store I first got hold of Burt’s Bees products and perhaps the one that got me more interested in natural and organic skin care products. The store is like your neighborhood shop and is owned by a mother and son team, Anna and Sunny, the latter who reminded me so much of one of the members of Mayday (五月天), Taiwan’s no. 1 rock group with his long tresses and tatoos.

Cherry-picked cult beauty products galore

 Cherry picked cult beauty products galore

My senses were immediately heightened when I opened the box that came from Soap n’ Sorbet containing these lovely cult beauties. They are such a delightful visual and olfactory treat and I totally heart all of them! In fact, after going through the online store, I have to say that these products will definitely appeal to both our right and left brains because they’re not only pretty, they’re affordable as well!

New organic skin care brands at Watsons

Bod Organic Skin Care New organic skin care brands at Watsons

Looks like we now have more options of organic and natural skin care products from Watsons. Besides Lavera, Trilogy, Renew and Sukin, I spotted products from Bod, Juice Organics and La Claree. The Yes To Cucumbers and Yes To Tomatoes range that I’ve been looking out for are also in stock now.  And what’s good to know is that the prices of these new products are all within the affordable range.

Kanga Organics: affordable organic skin care

 Kanga Organics: affordable organic skin care

Today, I’m happy to introduce Kanga Organics, a new online store based in Singapore selling organic skin care products. Owner Joey Lam decided to start this setup in a bid to bring in affordable, yet authentic organic products into the local market because she was exasperated with the limited, yet expensive organic skin care lines available here. So Kanga Organics was founded on the philosophy of “sharing the joy of using affordable organics for everyone” as well as a way of giving thanks to Mother Earth.