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Viva Challenge: educate a male about sunscreen

sunscreen for men1 Viva Challenge: educate a male about sunscreen
In my job, I deal with young people of both genders and it isn’t beauty or health related. However, recently, there were some suitable opportunities for me to incorporate a small lesson to all of them about the importance of using sunscreen. I ran a random poll with them and discovered to my horror, that about 90% of the males who are active in outdoor activities do not use a sunscreen at all. And the topmost reason they cited was that sunscreen is a girl’s product! How wrong is that! I had to correct their perception and to tell them that sunscreen should really be seen as a health product too because of the risk of skin cancer when we go under the sun unprotected.

Viva Challenge: shower in cold water

cold shower Viva Challenge: shower in cold water

It’s Earth Week and I’ll like to partake by issuing a simple challenge and that is to bathe in cold water! While beauty is very much a personal affair but through some concerted effort, we can also do our part to save the earth. Maybe the challenge is not so simple especially if the weather over at your end does not permit but the idea is to reduce global warming by using less hot and warm water. So depending on where you are, you can either try to reduce the temperature of the water you usually bathe in, or to bathe in completely cold water. And you know what? Bathing in cold water has both health and beauty benefits! In fact, some people practice what is known as the cold shower therapy.

Viva Challenge: be less critical of your beauty

Lovely Ladies Viva Challenge: be less critical of your beauty

I had the opportunity to meet with a few beautiful ladies last week, including some readers of Viva Woman. Through the conversations we had, I realized that we’re all overly critical of how we look. It’s either we’re not happy with our skin, or we’re not happy with our hair or our body. Yet, we don’t realize that others are actually admiring us for the very same attributes we dismiss so easily! I then remember reading in an editorial note recently that “research shows that others see you as 20 per cent more attractive than you think you are” and that’s because, when you look in the mirror, you’re simply judging yourself on looks without the personality!

Viva Challenge: saving water in beauty routines

save water Viva Challenge: saving water in beauty routines

I was inspired to run this challenge after listening to one of the radio programs this week on water conservation. Let’s try save some water while maintaining our beauty routines! I admit that this is hard because we’ve been taught to maintain good hygiene and to cleanse our face thoroughly. So how can we effectively save water that way? Here are six tried and tested ways recommended by Viva Woman.