Viva Challenge: wear your socks to bed

moisturizing foot socks

It’s amazing that our feet do so much for us every day and yet do not receive sufficient tender loving care. So this week’s challenge is to give your feet some attention every night. Actually, I’ve been neglecting my feet for awhile now and so the real reason for this challenge is that I need…

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Viva Challenge: keep your eyes looking good

eye massage

If you have liked last week’s challenge about unblocking your facial lymph nodes, you’re likely going to like this week’s challenge to massage the major acupressure points around your eyes to maintain them well. Again, I picked this up during my facial sessions at True Beauty and have been doing them quite consistently because it…

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Viva Challenge: unblock facial lymph nodes

facial lympy nodes positions

Those who have read Chizu Saeki’s The Japanese Skincare Revolution would have come across her information regarding how our facial contour will lose its definition when the lymph flow is lazy around our ears and neck. Hence, it is recommended that we stimulate those lymph nodes to drain fluid build-up. Drainage system to absorb and…

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Viva Challenge: fantasize about sexy, hot men

Takuya Kimura

TGIF! It’s been awhile since I issue a Viva Challenge and since I’m so into hormones this week, so today I challenge you to go grab a bib and fantasize about some sexy, hot men! Yes, I’m not kidding! Because according to Chizu Saeki’s “Elixir of Imagination”, ladies who fantasize about sexy, hot men will…

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