Viva Challenge: drink more warm water

drinking water

We all know that for beauty sake, we should be drinking lots of water.  But did you know that the temperature of the water you drink makes a difference too?  So should we be drinking hot, warm or cold water?  I used to think it’s old wives’ tale that we should be drinking our water…

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Viva Challenge: slap slap your face every day


This week’s Viva Challenge is to slap your face and I mean it literally.  Okay, no need to slap your face hard.  What I really mean to say is to lightly tap your face whenever you’re applying your skin care products.   Remember some of those SK-II ads?  Did you notice how some of the models lightly tap…

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Viva Challenge: sunscreen around your lips

sunscreen for lips

While I had earlier questioned the intent of the criticism from the Cotter about my skin, I did appreciate the highlight on my lips because it’s true I don’t protect them very well. Her comment made me think about giving my lips more protection as the lip balms and lipsticks I use are not always…

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