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Viva Challenge: take your vitamin C daily

redoxon all day defence Viva Challenge: take your vitamin C daily

One of the things you can protect yourself from the swine flu threat that is putting everyone on tenterhoooks is by strengthening your immune system such as consuming a supplement of up to 500 or 1000 milligrams of vitamin C daily. In addition, oral intake of vitamin C supplements act as an antioxidant to neutralize potentially damaging free radicals and help promote the production of collagen in the skin. I have also read that combined with vitamin E, vitamin C supplements can also protect our skin from sun exposure. And if you are using topical vitamin C skin care products, you’re are actually getting double skin care goodness!

Viva Challenge: apply skin care lying down

pillow Viva Challenge: apply skin care lying down

Sometime ago, I discussed about extrinsic aging caused by gravity and lately I’ve been hearing more experts talking about this; even Taiwanese celebrity stylist Kevin whom I met last week too. So one of the valuable tips I picked up from Kevin in his hands-on demonstration was to apply skin care products while lying down.   Yes, no kidding!

Viva Challenge: drink water once you’re up

fuji water Viva Challenge: drink water once youre up

Last week’s challenge was particularly difficult for many people but I’m glad that it helped inspired some of you to want to sleep earlier than usual. This week, I’m making it easier. Nothing to do with your sleeping cycle this time but I hope you’ll continue to try to sleep at 10pm whenever you can.

Viva Challenge: go to bed by 10 pm nightly

ariel lin sofy wallpaper Viva Challenge:  go to bed by 10 pm nightly

This week’s challenge sounds really easy but in reality, I think it’s rather difficult to achieve for some of us because of our busy lifestyles. In fact, most of you are probably thinking that it doesn’t matter what time you sleep as long as you achieve 8 hours of rest right? Well, unfortunately no. There is an optimal time to sleep which I’ve written about before which is between 11 pm to 3 am but I later found out that it’s even better to sleep by 10 pm. Why?