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Viva Challenge: label your cosmetics

labeling products Viva Challenge: label your cosmetics

For this week’s challenge, I’m urging you to label your cosmetics upon purchase. If your product permits, you can write it directly on the ingredient label. If not, you can use a little sticker to do the job for you.

The reason for this challenge is because all cosmetics have a shelf life and you can’t use them indefinitely. For example, sunscreens expire in one or two years while mascaras can last you about three to six months.

Viva Challenge: wake up 5 mins earlier

time Viva Challenge: wake up 5 mins earlier

This is the first in a new series I’m introducing here at Viva Woman which I hope will be useful and interesting for you. The idea of this series is to PROMPT YOU TO DO SOMETHING which will help you look good and feel good. The challenge will be simple and most will not cost any money; even if they do, they would be within your original budget. And while some of these information may already be known to you, but the idea is to inspire you to actually DO it rather than just know it.