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Best sunblock: Keys Solar Rx SPF 30+

1487384063 cb2e2964ee m Best sunblock: Keys Solar Rx SPF 30+  I must get my hands on Keys Solar Rx SPF 30+ Sunblock because this is now the safest and most effective product in the market. 

Keys Solar Rx SPF 30+ is currently featured on the Environmental Working Group Skin Deep Report as the number one safest sunblock on the market.  Badger SPF 30 has moved to second spot since my last feature on the best and worst sunscreen list.

On top of that, Keys Solar Rx SPF 30+ is also rated the most effective non-waterproof sunblock for UVA and UVB in the Consumer Reports July issue. 

Stem Organics sample product kit

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I’m on a mission to go au naturale and am slowly converting my skincare range to those of organic formulations.   However, it’s kind of hard to try new products without considering the cost issue since I don’t know if they’ll work well for my skin type. 

So I was pleasantly surprised to learn that Stem Organics is offering a sample kit comprising seven items; Gentle Cleansing Milk, Fresh Start Serum, Balancing Face Fluid, Exquisite Face Fluid, Hydrating Face Fluid, Smooth Skin Exfoliant and Intensive Eye Serum.  All for US$13.90, with complimentary shipping.

Dispelling acne myths and claims

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We often hear that acne only affects the teenagers but as we grow older, we know this is not true.  Women of all ages can get affected by acne, though admittedly, it is probably more common with the younger ones due to their skin conditions and raging hormones.  There are many misconceptions surrounding acne and while some are pretty ridiculous, some do sound logical and are actually believable. 

Must-have: Thi Cosmetics Lush Lashes

1292755675 7a22686753 o Must have: Thi Cosmetics Lush Lashes

Remember Thi Cosmetics which I featured awhile back?  A makeup range that’s created by Taylor Pham for Asian faces?  Well, I’m happy to discover that Thi Cosmetics is now available at Tobi’s Beauty Bar.
 Must have: Thi Cosmetics Lush Lashes

Available is the complete range, including the much acclaimed Thi Cosmetics Lush Lashes which create depth and definition especially on smaller eyes.