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Must-have: Thi Cosmetics Lush Lashes

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Remember Thi Cosmetics which I featured awhile back?  A makeup range that’s created by Taylor Pham for Asian faces?  Well, I’m happy to discover that Thi Cosmetics is now available at Tobi’s Beauty Bar.
 Must have: Thi Cosmetics Lush Lashes

Available is the complete range, including the much acclaimed Thi Cosmetics Lush Lashes which create depth and definition especially on smaller eyes. 

Natural look with mineral makeup

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Since I have written so much about the wonders of mineral makeup, I thought I should post a picture of myself to prove the point.  This is a picture of me, before and after using mineral makeup.  Can you see the difference? 

I consider this a natural look, quite light actually, and yet I think it made me glow with some radiance.  So what exactly did I used?

  • YSL Touche Eclat Radiant Touch under my eyes.

Free samples from Everyday Minerals

1203759902 b37f6fd9e8 o Free samples from Everyday Minerals

I’m at the experimental stage with mineral makeup and am very interested to try out new products.  But I’m not keen to purchase the full size until I’m convinced that the product is suitable for me.

So I was really excited to learn that Everyday Minerals is offering a free sample makeup kit consisting of three choices of foundation, one concealer and one blush, even for international customers.  I only have to pay for shipping which is just US$5.05 to Singapore. 

Say no to fake luxury goods

960241587 7d39161aff m Say no to fake luxury goods

If you like branded bags and watches but can’t quite afford one, please do not go buying the fakes.  This is not only a matter of image, but more importantly, by buying fake luxury goods, we could unknowingly be funding organised crimes.

As extracted from Is buying fake a faux pas?

A new study finds consumers are spending more on counterfeit goods because it seems to have become socially acceptable. But the research by intellectual property law firm Davenport Lyons found almost 80 percent of consumers would be deterred if they knew sales partially helped to fund criminal activity, including terrorism.