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Makeupalley for the beauty savvy

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One of the websites that I frequent whenever I want to check up reviews on beauty products is Makeupalley.com.  Beauty enthusiasts are probably familiar with this interactive online beauty social portal, which is buzzing with millions of member generated product reviews, message board posts, shopping diaries, product trades and member photo pages everyday.

Because the website is member driven, it means that you can get genuine reviews on skincare, makeup, haircare, fragrance and so forth.  You can get a feel of how popular a product is based on the average rating given and the percentage of reviewers who would buy the product again.  

Oh My So Cute: Girlie stuff galore

803907614 37e6de9a12 m Oh My So Cute: Girlie stuff galore

I’ve started another weblog focused on all things artfully cute online.  Oh My So Cute features cute websites, delightfully cute indie goods from apparel, accessories, jewelries, babywear, popart, books, stationery,crafts, plushes, toys, papergoods to household items and much more.

Very girlie stuff.  I’m sure many of you will like it.  The accessories and apparel featured at Oh My So Cute are completely different from what I feature here.  But I promise it’ll appeal to all the little girls in you.

Too Faced: Hollywood’s favorite

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A celebrity coveted brand and red-carpet must have, Too Faced Cosmetics is well considered to be a favorite among today’s hottest makeup artists, and are used on many of Hollywood’s movie sets and television shows; with many of the products being created specifically for certain A-list movie stars!

Totally pop culture inspired, the products are really interesting and the packaging is very appealing.  Unfortunately, the brand isn’t readily available outside USA.  In fact, even if you go to their website, you’ll find that they do not ship outside their country.  So I was really pleased to find that I can get their products from b-glowing.com, which features hard to find beauty brands; from makeup to hair and skincare.

Remove eye makeup thoroughly

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I was reading Saryn’s tip on the importance of removing eye makeup and something in that entry caught my eye.

Some dermatologists have mentioned that when they look at their patient’s skin under a magnifying glass, quite a number of them actually have make up crusted into the lines around the eyes. So that means that those dark circles you see could potentially be dirt and grime and make up instead.