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Drink soup to lose weight fast

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I’ve been putting on quite a bit of weight around the waist and tummy.  Thanks to overeating and not exercising at all.   But I’m not too concern about those extra inches.  If I really want to, I can actually lose them in days. 


I skip dinner for a couple of days and just drink soup.  No rice, no other dishes.  Just clear soup with some vegetables and maybe a bit of meat.  It kills the hunger pangs and I get some nutrition at the same time.  Easy peasy.

DIY sushi mat earrings holder

424951018 c791639eb7 m DIY sushi mat earrings holderHere’s an ingenious tip from Stef of da*xiang for those who have many hanging earrings and don’t know how or where to store them.

Use a sushi mat!

Well, what Stef did was she bought a big sushi mat, hung it up in a clip hanger and then put all her hanging earrings on it.  This way, she not only can access her earrings easily but she’s also able to place a couple more of these mats in her wardrobe without them taking much space. 

Hormone skin patches nay or yay?

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In my earlier article about wild yam creams, I mentioned that I would rather seek alternative treatment than accept the synethetic estrogen or progestin prescribed by doctors under the HRT.  This is because there has been a lot of reports regarding serious side effects such as breast cancer, heart attack or stroke risk on women who have used such pills.  And most recently, this was confirmed by a French study.

Fix those dark circles

418771122 a580e2b389 m Fix those dark circles

If you have unsightly dark undereye circles, you may wish to check out My darkcirclesblog which focuses exclusively on information regarding eye creams, home remedies or treatments and formulas that reduce those unsightly circles.  

Iry, the writer, who has been suffering from the same problem herself since young, recently made some recommendations on her blog of the eye creams that have been effective in helping other users reduce those panda eyes.  These include:

  • Arbonne Nutrimin C RE9 Repair Corrective Eye Creme