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Cotton panties are best

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Are you wearing cotton undies?  If not, you might want to think about it as this is apparently the best form of underwear for vaginal health.

According to this article cotton panties can cut down on infections in NCTimes.com, the general medical agreement amongst doctors is that cotton undies are the way to go in the day.

“Wear loose, white cotton underwear; synthetic fabrics, as well as dyes, can be irritating,” advise Drs. Isabelle Labrie and Vincent Nadon on a women’s Internet health site posted by the University of Ottawa.

Foot cushions for comfortable heels

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I used to have a problem wearing certain high heels.  I couldn’t stop my feet from sliding forward and it was most annoying.  I also had to stop myself from buying certain shoes because the outer soles were too slippery and I dislike the idea of sending them to Mister Minit.   Well, now I don’t have these problems anymore.  All thanks to Tip Toes and Sole Stopperz from Foot Petals which help to keep my feet perfectly cushioned and allow me to strut confidently and safely.