No buying of shoes during the Chinese New Year

Chinese New Year Taboos

Those who celebrate Chinese New Year know that they actually have 15 days to celebrate the festivity. So Chinese New Year is not officially over till 17 February. There are a whole load of superstitions and taboos to be observed during this period and so today, I'll discussed some pertaining only ...

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Chinese New Year: happy nibbling to all VivaBellas


If you're a Chinese, you must be celebrating Chinese New Year like me here, which is marked by new clothes, reunion dinners, lo hei, mandarin oranges and red packets. Because I was working till Tuesday, and I've been rather busy, I didn't really have time to buy new clothes this year. But I do have ...

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Welcome the new: have a beautiful 2011!

vintage beauty

A new year is upon us soon and have you got your goals all set? Well, one of my beauty goals in 2011 is to move on to use more natural and organic makeup as I've not been able to do so this year. So if you've got any good recommendations, do keep me posted k? Anyway, I've been so busy that I ...

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