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It’s the long weekend and what’s your plan?

smell the flower Its the long weekend and whats your plan?

Yay, it’s a long weekend here in Singapore as we’ll be celebrating our National Day on Monday. I haven’t got much plans but I might try to catch The Last Airbender. Anyway, many people are probably away on some getaway so instead of babbling away, I’ll just leave you with ten entries that you might have missed:

13 gross ingredients in your beauty products

snail for beauty 13 gross ingredients in your beauty products

Heard of Allantoin? Used it in your skin care products before? Do you know if yours came from plant extracts or from snails? Yes it’s true! Allantoin is also the primary extract of snail’s secretion and it’s purported to help increase your skin’s softness and smoothness and are totally safe. Disgusted? Well, this is less repulsive if you were to compare it with beauty products containing whale vomit or bull semen.

Questions for me? Read my FAQs

doll Questions for me?  Read my FAQs

Instead of a post today, I’ve put up a new page on my blog in the form of Frequently Asked Questions or FAQs. If you’re interested, you can read them here.  The FAQs will tell a little of my background leading up to blogging here, address questions of why I’ve not been responding to your emails or why I have no interest to cover some product information that comes my way.  In addition,  although I don’t have a disclosure policy on this blog, I’ve addressed my review policy in the FAQs as well.

What your hair says about your personality

Song Hye Kyo Laneige1 What your hair says about your personality

I’ve been toying with the idea of keeping my hair longer but on second thoughts, I think not. First, my hair texture is too thin and limp. Second, long hair is definitely going to age me and considering my thin frame, I don’t think I’ll look good. Anyway, it seems most people think that older women should have shorter hair. So it also means to say, longer hair are for younger women? Personally, while I do have such stereotypes but as a whole, I think long hair is more versatile and short hair is more refreshing.