10 myths and facts about aging

Find Your Burt

Here’s a quiz I took at┬áTotal Beauty to decipher anti-aging facts from fiction based on inputs from renowned dermatologists, founders of top skin care brands like Murad and Proactiv, anti-aging skin care book authors and cosmetic surgeons. Whatever age you’re at, there are both preventative and restorative nuggets of anti-aging skin care wisdom for you,…

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What does Alice eat & drink to stay beautiful?

Eat Me Drink Me

Okay, the title is meant to tease because I’m currently much obsessed with Alice in Wonderland, after watching the movie yesterday. It also amuses me much that Alice would eat and drink anything labeled “Eat Me” and “Drink Me”. I certainly don’t mind some of that potion, minus the spit, that can make one grow…

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How to keep your eyes looking beautiful


Just a quick plug to say that the first issue of the Viva Woman Newsletter is out! Yes, I know it’s been awhile since I last mentioned it but there were some technicalities I need to figure out before I could roll it out. Anyway, the focus this issue is all about eyes – with…

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Do not let stress be your beauty enemy


By now, most of you should know that stress is beauty’s worst enemy and can wreak havoc not only on your face but your hair and nails as well. Read some of the expert views on how stress can give you more acne and wrinkles, as well as make your hair gray and fall out….

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