Top 11 ways to get gorgeous in minutes

quick beauty tips

Do you spend more time on your skin care routine or makeup routine every day?  I definitely spend more time on my skin care routine.  In fact, my makeup only takes 5 minutes but I spend about 20 minutes just to prep my skin and all in all, I need an hour to get myself ready, including bathing…

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Beauty babbles and weekend reads

Green Chic Links

It’s Saturday again! How time flies. I’ve had a somewhat busy week and want to take this weekend easy. So far, I have nothing concrete planned. But I’m keen to get my tummy filled with yummy stuff for sure and I need to hunt down a new hairdryer as my old one went kaput and…

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Giveaway winners and other updates


I’m always glad for the weekend. Good time to rest, relax and to tie up some loose ends! And it’s also a good time to put together some random information. Viva Woman July VivaBella Giveaway I know I haven’t announced the winners to the Viva Woman July VivaBella Giveaway but I haven’t forgotten. We have…

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