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Product review: multipurpose Steam Cream

steam cream Product review: multipurpose Steam Cream

Finally I received my Steam Cream after a long wait! I ordered this through a spree and for the first time, I have to deal with a spree organizer who was highly irresponsible and inefficient. Anyway, this product doesn’t fall under natural or organic but it’s very interesting. I first learnt of it from a reader, Min Sin, who told me she loved the cream and indeed, I have to agree with her. In fact I would add that using Steam Cream can be addictive!

Review: Once A Week Bio-Deodorant

weekly bio deodorant Review: Once A Week Bio Deodorant

I picked up this Once A Week Bio-Deodorant at Watsons recently. At S$3.90, the packet comes with three wipes that you can use to neutralize body odor. It is water-based, fragrance-free, stain-free, colorless, non-sticky and 100% alcohol-free. I only have to use one wipe per application and it is supposed to provide me with a week long protection. So how effective is this for me?

Product review: Egyptian Magic Cream

egyptian magic cream Product review: Egyptian Magic Cream

This probably sound really corny but this product always get me singing the song Walk Like An Egyptian by The Bangles complete with silly dance moves. This is why both my husband and my son are very well acquainted with this product and they know it’s called the Egyptian Magic Cream.

Review: Lavera Body SPA Wild Rose series

lavera bodyspa wildrose range1 Review: Lavera Body SPA Wild Rose series

If you’re into pampering yourself with lovely scented bath and body products, I would highly recommend you to try the Lavera Body SPA Wild Rose series especially with the current promotions available at Watsons and Phyto Organics. I bought mine with the two for S$21 offer at Watsons but it seems a better deal is at Phyto Organics located at Raffles Shopping Centre, because according to Wen of Happy Hotcakes, Lavera’s products are being offered at three for S$21! Woot! If that’s not a great offer for a certified organic brand, I don’t know what is.