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VMV Hypoallergenics 100% Organic Know-It-Oil

VMV Hypoallergenics Know It Oil VMV Hypoallergenics 100% Organic Know It Oil

I can now totally understand why a number of you like using virgin coconut oil. It’s quite an awesome oil and I wish I had discovered it earlier. For some reason, I kept thinking that the smell would be quite unbearable but turned out, this is one of the best smelling oils I’ve come across. I mean, unless you really detest coconut, there’s no way you’ll dislike the smell. Moreover, it’s a very versatile oil, being suitable for both our hair and skin. In fact, you can just about use it anywhere on your body.

Max And Me Body Oil Blends: beyond pampering

Max And Me Body Oil Blends Max And Me Body Oil Blends: beyond pampering

So what exactly is Max And Me? A love story? A work of art. A body treat? An inspiration for the mind and soul? Personally, it’s a bit hard to pin an answer as it’s all of these and more. But one thing I’ll concede is that after trying all seven blends for over two weeks, they’re definitely more than just body oils to me because what they really are is an experience! I mean, just being able to pick and choose a blend that suits my mood is surely a luxury that makes me feel beyond being pampered and spoilt. Can I say that I feel somewhat royal? Heh.

Handmade spa shower gels from Lemongrass House

Lemongrass Shower Gels Handmade spa shower gels from Lemongrass House

I bought the Lemongrass Shower Gel from Lemongrass House last year and had enjoy using it tremendously and so decided to get these as a birthday gift. I think they’re great for those who appreciate aromatherapy grade bath products. I had purchased the 260ml Rose Absolute Shower Gel for myself and because it’s got such a lovely scent, I got the smaller 120ml bottle and paired it up with a similar size Lavender Shower Gel for a friend.

Crystal Body Deodorant Stick: mineral salt rules

crystal body deodorant stic Crystal Body Deodorant Stick: mineral salt rules

I’ve been quite happy with this Crystal Body Deodorant I got from iHerb. It’s a travel size deodorant stick made of mineral salt and except for the shape and size, it’s the same as the Naturally Fresh Deodorant Crystal I was using but broke after I dropped it. Because This Crystal Body Deodorant is a travel-size stick, it’s much smaller and chances of dropping this is much lower.