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Germ-killing & mood-lifting essential oil towelettes

Herban Essentials Towelettes Germ killing & mood lifting essential oil towelettes

I love novelty items. Better still if they smell good. So my interest was naturally piqued when I was asked to review these Herban Essentials Essential Oil Towelettes. Wipes that contain essential oils? They certainly look like something simple that can make me happy. And it helped that each towelette came wrapped in a clean but cute looking pack.

Bonjour! BeSave Shower Gel Tonifing Verbena

BeSave Gel Douche Bonjour! BeSave Shower Gel Tonifing Verbena

So there were a dozen of shower gels available. A number of them belonged to the natural category. All of them were retailing around the same price but I got this BeSave Shower Gel in the end. Why? Its bright and colorful packaging totally caught my sight, my attention and then my wallet too. And the fact that it’s a French brand I’ve never tried before made it more appealing to me.

Filthy Farmgirl Soap: quirky bars for showering fun

Filthy Farmgirl Filthy Pussy Soap Filthy Farmgirl Soap: quirky bars for showering fun

Usually I don’t buy soap bars because they tend to dry out my skin easily. But this has caught my attention because of the tongue-in-cheek packaging. In fact, the design and color of these soaps are so pretty that I had to stop myself from trying to grab them all. And even though I’ve never heard of this brand before, I was glad I ventured to buy one to try because I’ve been hooked since my first bar and no other body soaps or washes will do for me now.

Selexir Peace Balm calms irritated & sensitive skin

Selexir Peace Balm Selexir Peace Balm calms irritated & sensitive skin

Those suffering from mild to medium eczema know how frustrating it is when the skin becomes dry, flaky and itchy and nothing seems to be able to improve the condition. I’ve been suffering from mild eczema and it can be upsetting and stressful when I get bouts of flare ups. And while there are many moisturizers out in the market that are made for dry and sensitive skin, very rarely do I see moisturizers that claims to address those with eczema issues until I come across Selexir.