Alexander Essentials Organic Yarrow Beauty Balm

Alexander Essentials

My new eye makeup remover is in the form of a balm and more specifically, it's the Alexander Essentials Organic Yarrow Beauty Balm. Interesting eh? This is the first time I'm using a balm on my face and this is also the first time I've come across organic yarrow (Achillea Millefolium). Apparently, ...

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Bonjour! BeSave Shower Gel Tonifing Verbena

BeSave Gel Douche

So there were a dozen of shower gels available. A number of them belonged to the natural category. All of them were retailing around the same price but I got this BeSave Shower Gel in the end. Why? Its bright and colorful packaging totally caught my sight, my attention and then my wallet too. And ...

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Filthy Farmgirl Soap: quirky bars for showering fun

Filth Farmgirl Filthy Pussy Soap

Usually I don't buy soap bars because they tend to dry out my skin easily. But this has caught my attention because of the tongue-in-cheek packaging. In fact, the design and color of these soaps are so pretty that I had to stop myself from trying to grab them all. And even though I've never heard of ...

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