Review of Ujene Puriste Collagen range + 50% Promo

Ujene Switzerland

I've been testing a couple of new facial products this year and this Ujene range from Switzerland is the latest. Somehow I find products from Europe work particularly well for me and this is one of the reasons I agreed to take three of their products for a complimentary review. The other reason is ...

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Fluttering lashes: Dr. Hauschka Volumizing Mascara

Dr. Hauschka Volumizing Mascara

After noticing the increase in eyelash fall out during the removal of my mascara, I have been on the lookout for a natural alternative of mascara that functions as well as the commercialized ones but without the harsh chemicals. I have tried a few organic brands of mascaras before and found them to ...

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For your eyes only: Botáni Rescue Eye Treatment

Botani Rescue Eye Treatment

I am feeling very sad while writing this review. It's got something to do with this product all right but it's not what you're thinking and you'll see why in a minute. Moving along, let me introduce you to Botáni Rescue Eye Treatment from Australia, a product I've specifically requested to be sent ...

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