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Makeup tutorial: applying eyeliner

I’m hopeless with eyeliner application.  Lucky thing I have quite a big pair of eyes so I can do without it most of the time.  But I could certainly do with a proper lesson and the basic eyeliner tutorial with pencil, cream/gel or liquid made recently by blogger Michelle Phan is just excellent.

The girl emphasizes the importance of using smaller strokes for a better line quality whatever the type of eyeliner used.  This allows better control in terms of the thickness of the application and minimizes possibilities of making mistakes. 

Gigi Lai for Bio-Essence 24K Bio-Gold

2301319699 0e22d89018 o Gigi Lai for Bio Essence 24K Bio Gold

Gigi Lai (黎姿), a popular Hong Kong artiste is the ambassador for Bio-Essence, a full range of skincare products from Singapore based L.D. Waxson.  You may have seen her recent commercial endorsing Bio-Essence 24K Bio-Gold Eye Care Twin Treasures which promises to double the effects of lifting eye bags and droopy lids through the traditional use of gold in skincare, combined with ingredients Bio Energy Fluid and Bio Rice Fermentation Essence.

Makeup tips for expressive Asian eyes

This makeup video from Makeup Gourmet has some rather good makeup tips to open up and bring out a more expressive pair of Asian eyes.   These are some of the important ones I remember after watching it:

  1. For smaller eyes, use a brightening pencil on the inner and outer corner of the eyes to open it up. 
  2. For almond shaped eyes, defining the lower eye using an eye liner is important to bring out shape. 

Cosmetic lenses for Rainie Yang

2285063663 4a9d3c5bb6 o Cosmetic lenses for Rainie Yang

Apart from experimenting with makeup or updating your apparel, you can consider making a fashion statement with colored contact lenses.  Like popular Taiwanese celebrity Rainie Yang Cheng Lin (楊丞琳), who is seen here endorsing the kaleidoscope of colors and variety of len styles under FreshLook Cosmetic Contact Lenses by Ciba Vision. 

So instead of your usual eye color, you may wish to transform your looks by wearing any of the nineteen stunning shades like gray, brown, honey, pure hazel, blue, green, true sapphire, turquoise, amethyst for fun or to suit any special occasion.