JASON Sunbrellas Mineral Sunblock

1513583109 658c3b313a o JASON Sunbrellas Mineral Sunblock Many women, including myself, are concerned with using natural or organic sunblock thinking that it may not provide adequate coverage. Looks like we need to correct this thought.

I recently bought JASON Natural Sunbrellas Mineral Based Physical Sunblock SPF30+ JASON Sunbrellas Mineral Sunblock and am really pleased to find out that this product contains no sun hazard and is rated a very low health hazard of 3 according to the Environmental Working Group Skin Deep Report. 

In simple terms, it means I get sufficient coverage using this sunblock and it’s absolutely safe for my skin.  YAY!

JASON Hydrating Lotion Cleanser

1457098351 e9d1f82af6 o JASON Hydrating Lotion CleanserWhy organic products has to smell so awful I really don’t understand.  While I enjoy using JASON range of pure, natural and organic products, this new one that I’m currently trying, JASON Red Elements Hydrating Lotion Cleanser, is a big turn off in terms of the smell. 

This product is fragrance free.  So whatever smell I’ve experienced is from the natural ingredients.  I have no idea if the red tea and peptides which is supposed to help fight the signs of aging created that pungence but it’s truly not great if you’ve a sensitive olfaction like me.  I really wish it smells better or comes with no scent at all. 

Everyday Minerals Concealer

1471067001 377752f530 o Everyday Minerals Concealer

Of the free sample makeup kit that arrived from Everyday Minerals, my favourite was the Multi-tasking Concealer.  I didn’t have a good experience using mineral concealer before and therefore was surprised how well this particular one agreed with my skin tone.   I could even use it to replace my existing undereye concealer.  Totally lovely!

Foundation to match skin undertone

1262178110 c93705fc90 o Foundation to match skin undertone

Although choosing the right foundation for our face is no rocket science, it can still get quite tricky.  While we always strive to pick the shade closest to our skintone, it is not always easy to do so and the wrong shade can make us look completely faded, muddy or ashy.  

Like for me, I only realised recently that I not only have to pick the right color for my complexion, but also be able to identify my correct skin undertone and choose the right shade to match it.