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Reviews on various brands of BB Cream

bb cream Reviews on various brands of BB Cream

Following my last entry about BB Cream: the new rage in foundation,  I started seeing a lot more reviews on the product.  BB Cream is short for Blemish Balm Cream which is said to provide excellent coverage as a foundation as well as to regenerate the skin. Of the many reviews, I thought Kimoko did a good job because she’s such a BB cream addict!  She has personally tested as many as 10 different BB creams from different brands. My gosh! Here’s a list of what she has tested so far:

Crème de la Mer: a miracle cream?

2045310840 e4287e8f5c o Crème de la Mer: a miracle cream?

Beauty junkies would know and likely have tried this product.  Crème de la Mer Moisturizing Cream which is so coveted that it enjoys a devoted cult following throughout the world.  Rumor has it that J-Lo buys this in masses and uses it head to toe.  And it’s no wonder it’s one of the most popular beauty products reviewed at Makeupalley with 1043 users rating it 3.5 out of 5.

It is called a miracle cream, said to produce startling results.

Badger SPF30 Sunblock product review

1966700055 f775bde228 m Badger SPF30 Sunblock product reviewFinally, after many months of waiting, Badger SPF30 Sunblock will be available during mid December here in Singapore. 

Surprising, I am not as keen on the product anymore probably because I now have Keys Solar Rx SPF30+.  But I will likely still purchase it for my kid since it looks like the 2007 formulation is now again rated the safest and most effective over at EWG Skin Deep Cosmetic Safety Database.

Best sunblock review: Keys Solar Rx

1813334852 3eb002cfcc m Best sunblock review: Keys Solar RxWoot!  I’ve finally got my hands on Keys Solar Rx  SPF30+, the safest and most effective  broad spectrum UVA and UVB 100% vegan sunblock with the ability to protect my face from UV radiation while using no harmful man-made chemicals, fragrances or preservatives.  

And I honestly think that paying US$19.95 for the 100ml broad-spectrum sunscreen with 16 percent uncoated nano-zinc oxide is quite a steal.  I mean that price for a sunblock featured on the Environmental Working Group Skin Deep Report as the safest, as well as rated the most effective non-waterproof sunblock for UVA and UVB in the Consumer Reports July issue?  You may also like to know that zinc oxide is the best sunscreen ingredient according to this rating compiled by Environmental Protection Agency.