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Less hair fall with odd-shaped Tangle Teezer hairbrush

Tangle Teezer Hairbrush Less hair fall with odd shaped Tangle Teezer hairbrush I’m not one who jumps onto the trend wagon easily but I did recently, quite by accident though. Now, I have been quite obsessed with hair products for a while, and I spotted this Tangle Teezer hair brush while window shopping. The tacky color and odd shape called out real loud to me and so I decided to buy it. On hindsight, that was actually a wise decision!

John Masters Organics Shine On Hair Treatment

John Masters Organics Shine On Hair Treatment John Masters Organics Shine On Hair Treatment
Part of my John Masters Organics shopping haul is this leave-in hair product called “Shine On Hair Treatment”. It is supposed to give what its name implies—shine—definitely something I need because my hair has absolutely zero shine due to the frequent dye jobs I’ve done. To be honest, the state of my hair has never bothered me in the past till now. I’ve grown a lot more concerned about how I look and I think having shiny straight hair definitely lends me more credibility at work.

John Masters Organics Hair Reconstructor Review

John Masters Organics Honey And Hibiscus Hair Reconstructor1 John Masters Organics Hair Reconstructor Review
My hair became dry again after I had it dyed recently. The hairdresser, who was tasked to style my hair, was pretty horrified by its condition. It was limp, with uneven coloring and very dry ends. Granted, it didn’t look that horrible on my head, but upon unbiased inspecting, I was told I’d been neglecting my hair for much too long. Well, I’m not surprised since the last time I visited the salon was close to two years ago and during that period, I’d even attempted to trim my own hair.

Apivita Shine & Revitalizing Shampoo & Conditioner

Apivita Revitalizing Shampoo Conditioner Apivita Shine & Revitalizing Shampoo & Conditioner

I don’t usually try hair products as readily as I would with skincare products but I decided to take these Apivita Shine & Revitalizing Shampoo plus Conditioner with me when I was away for some short trips as they were conveniently sized for that purpose. I was a little leery of my decision as I didn’t want to live with bad hair days for my trips but in the end, I just threw caution to the wind.