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Scotch Naturals: safe & eco-friendly nail polish

Scotch Naturals CeaseFire Scotch Naturals: safe & eco friendly nail polish

Ceasefire! That’s the name of the nail polish you’re looking at. Do you think the color is brilliant? Well, I do and I have to add that I’m pretty impressed with how my nails have turned out using this water-based nail polish from Scotch Naturals Watercolor. Yes, watercolor all right, because this is a completely non-toxic nail polish that is not only “3 Free”, but also free of ethyl acetate, butyl acetate, nitrocellulose, acetone, and heavy metals.

I’ve got my nails minx-ed back to the retro years

Minx nails Ive got my nails minx ed back to the retro years

Hello Vivabellas! See my nails have just made a trip back to the retro years and I can’t stop admiring them! My colleague thought I painted them, which is absolutely impossible because these designs are far too intricate. So what did I do with them? Well, I’ve got them minx-ed, in another words, stickered.

Nail saviors: acetone free nail polish removers

acetone free nail polish removers Nail saviors: acetone free nail polish removers

These acetone free nail polish removers are a savior for my nails! Before I used these, I noticed that some of my toenails were dry and brittle looking. I wear nail polish on a daily basis and was using an acetone based nail polish remover, so that definitely left my nails drier. However, the condition of my nails got worse after a series of pedicures and one of them even chipped off. So I’m guessing that it’s because the nail polish removers used at the nail salons are much stronger or the amount used was more generous.

Natural nail polishes: non-toxic or just 3-free?

Zoya nail polishes Natural nail polishes: non toxic or just 3 free?

Recently, I bought some nail polishes from Zoya and I was surprised to learn that the brand is considered as natural. I never knew! Actually, it’s not surprising considering that I’ve always favored OPI nail polishes and hence, have never looked at the legions of other brands in the market. However, this is changing because this year, I am keenly seeking more natural alternatives for my nails and my first find was the Karma Organic non-toxic nail polishes. In fact, it was that first find that spurred me to check out if there is such a thing as a natural nail polish.