Wailing nails & what are they getting away with?

Katy Perry The One That Got Away

A bunch of toenails were heard wailing: "SOS! SOS! We need some serious help. Can anyone hear us crying? Oh man, can anyone even see us? We're being trapped under this pile of enamel paint ALL THE TIME! We don't get to see daylight. NIL. ZILCH. This is so much grief for all we see are a riot ...

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Non-toxic nail polishes & nail polish remover

Karma Organic Nail Polishes & Nail Polish Remover

See what I bought from an organic store in Serangoon Gardens - two non-toxic and chemical-free nail polishes plus an organic nail polish remover, which are all free of toluene, formaldehyde, & phthalate (DBP)! I was actually spoilt for choices as there were an assortment of nail colors to pick ...

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My assortment of products for cuticle care

cuticle care

I find that even though some hand creams are stated to help our cuticles, they do not do much for mine and I need to use separate balms to moisturize and nourish them. I wrote a post on two products I use to care for my unsightly looking cuticles more than two years ago but since then, I've been ...

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The ogress is envious of Jade Is The New Black

OPI Jade Is The New Black

Have you dealt with an ogress? An angry one? Oh shrek, hell has no fury like an orgress scorned and I'm now dealing with one very displeased Princess Fiona here who is demanding to know why her color is not good enough for my nails. She flew into a rage almost immediately when she spotted Jade. ...

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