How to have your nail polish done in 5 mins?

Nail Polish Tools

For those who do your own nails, you should know that getting your nails done salon style can be time consuming. I remember someone telling me she takes about 45 minutes to do her own pedicure. So how is it possible for me to get mine done in 5 minutes? The trick lies in not…

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Must you match your nail polish colors?


I’m not really a waitress.  That’s the color of this OPI nail polish that I frequently use on my toenails.  It’s a vibrant rich red color, and very befitting as an auspicious color for Chinese New Year. Since I had some interesting comments from my post about matching bra and panty, I want to find…

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How to take care of dry unsightly cuticles?

I have fairly dry cuticles that are rather unsightly.  I find that manicures do not help resolve the problem long term and let’s face it, how many times can I afford to go for manicures on a monthly basis?  So my saviour has been the Mavala Mavapen which I always carry in my bag so that I can whip out…

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