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Alima Satin Matte Mineral Foundation

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I would like to say that the Alima Satin Matte Mineral Foundation is a good product.  However, it doesn’t work well for my skin tone and I don’t like the way I look with this foundation.

Tutorial: Brighter larger looking eyes

Want to have bambi eyes?  Well, you can by using some of the eye makeup techniques shared by Michelle Phan in the video above.  Her techniques are rather interesting and involve using white eyeliner and silver eyeshadow before lining the eyes thinly so as to achieve a pair of brighter larger looking eyes. 

  • Apply white eyeliner on the lower rim of the eyes
  • Apply a light eyeshadow of the lids
  • Apply silver eyeshadow on the upper brow line

Burt’s Bees Radiance Body Lotion

1050081499 5ef0ae2420 m Burts Bees Radiance Body LotionBurt’s Bees Radiance Body Lotion is one of the newer offerings from the good people at Burt’s Bees.   

This is supposed to be a shimmering body lotion and yet I’m using this mostly in the night. I guess I will only start to use it in the day once I’m done with my L’Occitane Cherry Blossom Shimmering Lotion. But I don’t think it matter so much because I bought it to enjoy the radiance benefits, not so much for the shimmering effects.

Mineral makeup application technique

1033912015 67af5d6b5a m Mineral makeup application technique

There is a specific technique when it comes to applying mineral makeup.  i.d. bareMinerals calls it Swirl, Tap, Buff.  Erth Mineral Makeup calls it Twirl, Tap and Brush.  But they are all the same when it comes to the process.

I had a little problem initially but with practice, it became real easy.  I saw the mineral makeup application video on i.d. Minerals website and realised that I was on track, except that instead of putting the powder on the lid, what I do is to use my brush to pick up the powder, then swirl it on the lid then tap the excess off.  This helps to prevent unnecessary wastage.