Oil-based cleanser for cleaner face

468159011 4fae5741d5 o Oil based cleanser for cleaner faceFor years, I have only used cleansing lotions of western brands to remove my makeup. I have heard so much about the Koreans and Japanese using oil-based cleansers but was a little of an oil-phobe to try my hands on one until recently with the new Sana Ho-Jun-Ki Cleansing Oil

So what’s the difference? 

I realised that normal makeup removing lotion do not focus on pore cleansing care but this 100% raw royal jelly containing Vitamin C derivative promises to shrink pores by removing all traces of clogged dirts and sebums in pores.  

Nail products & beauty tools

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If you’re into nail care and are looking for products not available in the retail stores, you might want to take a look at enailsupply which carries a whole line of nail products from brands like OPI, Essie Nail Polish, Nail Tek, Nailtiques, Seche Vite and many more.

Besides an an enormous selection of nail polish colors, you can also always find the most recently released collections as well as products perfect for home use like those from Creative Nail.

Take a skin diet

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I’ve heard many women complaining that products that used to work well for them have stopped being effective after two bottles.  Or women who find that nothing seems to be working for their skin anymore or that their skin condition have suddenly worsened overnight.   

If you’ve encountered such a problem, stop trying to slap on more concentrated creams and lotions on your face or experiment with new products that promises to improve your specific problem.  Instead, switch to natural and water-based products and take a skin diet to reset your skin to its natural state. 

Burt’s Bees Pomegranate Lip Balm

436320128 e2f696cd11 m Burts Bees Pomegranate Lip BalmI’m on the path of no return when it comes to Burt’s Bees.  Just one lip balm and I’m a confirmed convert. 

In fact, since the last time I wrote about their Beewax Lip Balm, I’ve grown fonder of that lip balm by the day.  While it isn’t very moisturising, it really keeps my lips hydrated as long as I do not wipe, wash or eat it off.

So today, I went back to Dargon Dors Cosmetics (Kim Leng Store) at People’s Park Complex with the intention of buying their Honey Lip Balm tube.