Underarm epilator: pull them up up and away


Underarm hair is typically considered as unaesthetic, undesirable and embarrassing and yet it seems I like to talk about them quite a bit here. The thing is, I do have a problem with them. I tried to get rid of them as best as I can but well, they grow back quite quickly. I have considered IPL as a ...

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Wrinkle care with an auto vibration massager?

Wrinkle Care Massager

Woah...what's this? It's an automatic vibration handheld massager that will work on its own intelligence to penetrate that anti-aging cream into your skin and stop when the cream is fully absorbed! Sounds like a neat idea? Well, I thought so when I was first introduced to this product by Beauty ...

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A love that grows gradually: EDM Flat Top Brush

Everyday Minerals Flat Top Brush

I don't know about you but when it comes to love stories, I'm not one who is sold on love at first sight.  Well, not that I don't like love at first sight or that I don't believe it but I think a love story that grows gradually, especially out of dislike or hatred at the beginning comes across as ...

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My $2 efficient & effective makeup brush cleaner

Diaso makeup tool detergent

Back in June, I made a quick comparison of this Diaso makeup tool detergent with the Pigeon Bottle Nipple & Vegetable Liquid Cleanser and mentioned that the latter was more effective. It's been some months now and I thought I'll do a quick update on how I've been liking the Diaso detergent so ...

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