Epicare threading tool review & a giveaway

Epicare facial hair removal gadget

Has anyone ever had your face threaded before?  I’ve never tried that but I remember seeing one of my sister-in-laws having her face threaded by her mom when I was a little girl.  Some thirty years later,  a friend showed me her cleaner eyebrows, thanks to an eyebrow threading session.  I was pretty intrigued but I…

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Kabuki brushes: animal or synthetic hair?

kabuki brushes

I love using Kabuki brushes to apply my foundation, whether I am using mineral or compact powder. They work better than sponges for me. I have Kabuki brushes using animal as well as synthetic hair. I alternate between the two, loving them for different reasons. Today, I like to make a comparison of the two…

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Cotton swabs to wipe out makeup mistakes


Before I share this tip on using cotton swabs that I picked up from Taiwanese celebrity stylist Kevin, I’ll like to thank everyone of you who left me a comment in my last entry. My apologies for not being to answer to everyone individually but I like all of you to know that I appreciate all…

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