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Hair Magic Sheet to hold your hair in place

Hair Magic Sheet Hair Magic Sheet to hold your hair in place

How do you manage your hair from falling all over your face when you’re washing your face or putting on your makeup?

Eons ago, I used to use a shower cap. Subsequently I resorted to using a hair band or a hair clip . However, with any of these, I need to be careful to ensure that they don’t ruin the shape of my hair because they often do with the marks they leave behind.   So when I saw this Hair Magic Sheet for Foretop, I thought I’ll give it a try.

Synthetic and natural hair kabuki brushes

kabuki brushes Synthetic and natural hair kabuki brushes

Reading fellow beauty blogs are a bad influence definitely! Why do you think I’ve suddenly gone brush crazy? Anyway, I’ve gotten myself two more kabuki brushes, this time compliments from the folks at Momo Minerals.

One is the long handled kabuki brush of synthetic grade and the other is the short-handled full size kabuki brush made from goat hair. Both are very soft on contact but I have yet to start using them.

Review: Skin Food Eyeshadow Brushes

skin food eyeshadow brush1 Review: Skin Food Eyeshadow Brushes

I bought the Skin Food Eyeshadow Brush (3) M on a whim some months ago. Their makeup brushes seem quite popular going by how quickly they were out of stock at that particular store and so I thought they must be quite good. Plus I was attracted to the wooden handles which make the brushes look very sturdy. 

Review: MOMO makeup brush set

P1090019 Review: MOMO makeup brush set

I’ve been hunting for a foundation brush to replace the Erth kabuki brush that “died” on me. I wanted something affordable and after reading various reviews, shortlisted that from Eco Tools and Everyday Minerals. I almost placed an order with Everyday Minerals because the company provide international shipping but before I did, I got to find out about the MOMO Brush Set from Momo Minerals and that they were going for a 30% discount! In addition, the company is right here in Singapore and I can save on the shipping!