6 Benefits To Hydrating Your Skin

Six Benefits To Hydrating Your Skin And How To Get That Boing Boing Effect

One of the most common skincare tips I hear repeatedly is to moisturize. I bet you’ve been hearing the same too. While I don’t deny the importance of moisturizing, especially if your skin is very dry or if you’re coping in a cold climate, there is one other tip I consider equally important. In fact, this is one tip I feel is essential regardless of your skin condition or what kind of climate you are living ...

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Dust cloth to keep cosmetic containers clean

How To Keep Cosmetic Products Almost As Good As New

Being a beauty blogger means that I have more cosmetic products than the average woman. The thing is, not all my products are kept away in drawers; many of them are left collecting dust on my vanity top. Tidying and cleaning them are always unpleasant tasks for me. Unfortunately, dust on the bottle or container isn't a good idea since it can easily contaminate the products. So I try my best to clean up those that ...

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Shophouse Sixtyfive Kopitiam Lipbalms

Uniquely Singapore Handmade Kopitiam Lipbalms

"Good day, ma'am. Welcome to Shophouse Sixtyfive! Let me introduce you to our house specialty---Kopitiam Lipbalms! You can try our Coffeeshop Kopi O, Lipbalm Kosong or Rose Bandung. Want something more atas? We have Sir Stamford, Fort Canning, Sentosa Island or Honeydew Sago. Are you ready to place your order now?" Talk about uniquely Singapore, complete with old school nostalgia in a name like Shophouse Sixtyfive ...

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10 Tips To Keep Your Skin Happy During PMS

Skin looking crappy and oozing more oil than usual? Having a sudden outbreak at your chin area? Let me guess: it's that time of the month and you're having your PMS? Uh-oh. Time to look horrible for a few days. Or maybe not. Your premenstrual skin is probably at its worst a week before your menstruation starts--this is when hormones in your body starts to change. What happens is that levels of estrogen and ...

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Benefits Of Sandalwood

Guest Post: The Wonderful Health And Beauty Benefits Of Sandalwood In Everyday Life

Sandalwood is a fragrant wood from a tree called Santalum Album. Characteristically, it is fine-grained, heavy and pale yellow in color. This tree mostly grows in the Indian sub-continent. Similar trees of the same plant family are found in Australia as well. Sandalwood powder and its essential oil are used in beauty treatments and various other household products and cosmetics like incense sticks, mouth ...

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