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Homemade natural sunscreen anyone?

homemade sunscreen Homemade natural sunscreen anyone?

Sometime ago when I was reading up about sunscreens, I learnt that there are some folks who would rather make their own sunscreens.  I was both surprised and intrigued by the idea.  So when Leon started her new beauty forum on organic and natural skincare, I immediately raised this topic and this is the natural homemade sunscreen recipe that Leon shared with me:

Tips on applying your foundation powder

2758980932 81eb858ecc o Tips on applying your foundation powder

Since reverting back to using compact powder foundation, I’ve been obsessing with the application techniques to ensure that I get the best coverage without having my makeup looking all cakey and streaky. I’ve discussed the merits of compact powder foundation vs mineral foundation and loose powder but how we apply them is also important.  So what have I discovered in my experimentation which maybe of interest to you?

Keen on homemade DIY skin care?

diy lotion Keen on homemade DIY skin care?

I noticed that there is a growing trend of local women going organic in terms of skincare products. We see more of such products in Watsons and Guardian these days and that’s a good sign. However, if you scrutinize the ingredient list carefully, most of them are not 100% natural or organic. Perhaps this is why increasingly more women prefer to purchase their own ingredients to make their own skincare products.

How to get rid of hard skin calluses & corns

2752288383 b6bb8145db o How to get rid of hard skin calluses & corns

This Scholl Medicated Corn and Callus Removal Liquid is so amazing! I saw how it got rid of the ugly calluses on my husband’s right foot in three weeks and I am so impressed.

First I have to say that calluses are an ugly sight. According to my husband, it’s not painful but it causes some amount of discomfort when he’s walking or running.