FitFlop F-POP Mary Jane

Doubly Successful With Two New Pairs Of Fitflops

Remember when Fitflop was first launched as fashionable sports footwear with "a gym built-in"? Well, after wearing Fitflop for five years since 2009, I can now confirm with you that they did nothing to tone up my bottom or legs. Now you may think that I probably did not wear them frequent enough to benefit from a workout in them. Well, I should let you on that I've actually worn two pairs to death. I don't know how ...

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6 Things Not To Overdo To Your Skin

6 things not to overdo to your skin in 2015

We all want younger looking skin yesterday. So not surprisingly, there is a natural tendency to go overboard when it comes to skin care. But you know the saying that too much of a good thing is bad right? The word "over" can be quite a dirty word if we're not careful. Well ladies, it's time to examine your skin care routine to see how you can go easy in some areas. 1. Do not over wash Just because you've been ...

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Minced -Garlic

Beauty Kitchen: 5 Time-Saving Meal Preparation Tips

This is definitely a year of increase for me in terms of meals and I'm not even talking about eating more. Yes, the portions have increased but it's only because I've progressed from just cooking lunch to cooking both lunch and dinner every weekday now. Well, that explains the absence of posts because I've really been busy trying to have everything down pat since the beginning of the year. But seriously, this ...

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Tranquil new year treat at Aramsa~The Garden Spa

Howdy everyone! It's a brand new year and welcome to a brand new season at Viva Woman. I hope you are all recharged and refreshed to kick-start the brand new year. As for me, I managed to squeeze time to get some spa treat as I got an unexpected day off at the beginning of the year. YAY! Since I could get some me-time in the morning, I wanted it well spent. So I quickly scanned through my spa wish list (yes, I made ...

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Viva Woman Favorite Beauty Products 2014

5 Beauty Favorites In 2014, My 2015 Beauty Resolutions

How are you this New Year Eve? Doing good and having fun counting down? Well, instead of the usual "Happy New Year" post, I decided to round up the year by showing you five of my favorite beauty products in 2014. At the same time, I've made some new year resolutions and included are beauty plans that I'll like to share with you. A very purposeful post for a purposeful year ahead? You bet! This year, I tried ...

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