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Hydrosol: floral water to rebalance skin pH

skincare ingredients Hydrosol: floral water to rebalance skin pH

Interestingly, I noted that a few ladies at a forum I lurk have been talking about ordering hydrosols to make clay mask or even for toning purposes. So what are these?

Hydrosols are also known as distillates and are byproducts from steam distilling, created while extracting essential oils. Apparently, they are also known as floral waters and the highest quality of hydrosols come from the distillers who steam the floral and plant material strictly to produce a hydrosol. Witch hazel is an example.

When should you throw out that nail polish?

2735142614 49b4052e0c o When should you throw out that nail polish?

I have a question.  How long can we keep our nail polishes for?  I’m asking because I just cleaned my nail polish drawer and noticed that I have some nail polishes that are at least 5 years old!  OMG!  But the funny thing is, they’re still fine and I’m able to wear them.  I don’t know if it’s because these are OPI nail polishes and that’s why they last longer since the only thing I do is to keep them in a drawer away from direct sunlight.

AHA+BHA+Jojoba make good lip exfoliators

2729684477 de4375c74c o AHA+BHA+Jojoba make good lip exfoliators

I mentioned awhile ago that I’ve been having problems wearing lip glosses and lipsticks.  My lips became very dry especially under air-conditioned environment and I had these white clumpy stuff from whatever I’m wearing on my lower lips.  Needless to say, I looked awful.  At first I thought it was the ingredients from my lip glosses and lipsticks causing some allergies but apparently it was not.  The issue was the dead skin on my lips which I never thought of removing!

What’s in my makeup bag?

2724556375 20ebbfe278 o Whats in my makeup bag?

Tine of Beautyholics Anonymous wanted to know what’s in my makeup bag. Well, I have lots of junk in there.  Let’s see…3 lipsticks, 4 lip glosses and 5 lip balms which I rotate, depending on what my hands get hold of when I dig in the bag.  The rest are my dry shampoo, a facial spritz, Mavapen, a pill case, a solid perfume and 2 hand creams. And I have a ZA Groovy Smoovy that I hardly use!