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John Masters Organics repair sun damage

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I hardly receive compliments from my husband about my skin. So when he recently commented that my face seems to have lightened up considerably, I knew it must be true and it must be due to the two products from John Masters Organics which I’ve been using for about two to three months now.

French style romantic pink lace handbag

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I spotted this lovely looking romantic french style lace handbag at Hua, a local online shop with a collection of floral handbags all oozing with flower power. Very Victorian style isn’t it? I say complete the look with a lacey floral brolly as well!

Honestly, I’m not sure if I want to carry such a bag at all. I mean, it’s too pretty! But at S$69 (US$51), I can consider adding it to my collection as a showpiece.

This design is the most interesting I’ve spotted at Hua. But the online store has other whimiscal lace handbags as well as handmade bags with intricate embroidery and sequins work of flowers with an Asian flair. Prices are fairly reasonable and they provide international shipping too.

vivawoman1 French style romantic pink lace handbag © www.vivawoman.net copyright notice

Viva Weekend Splendid Reads

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It’s Saturday and I’m just back from my in-laws in time to post you this week’s best reads in beauty, fashion and shopping from the Splendicity network.


Style Manila throws a question on locally-made shoes: where have all the Marikina shoes gone?

Tops 2 Bottoms presents a styling option The Man’s Suit for her Work Wear Monday Series.

The Space Between My Peers presents a fashion lab proving boxy tops are not the most flattering option.

Pore pack nose strips: effective or harmful?

2764597796 5c1a03dcee o Pore pack nose strips: effective or harmful?

I know the Biore Pore Pack Black does what it promises. My husband uses this on a weekly basis and loves to show me his “masterpiece” each time! It does remove his blackheads but still, I wouldn’t want this on my nose. First of all, I never had much luck with nose strips and second, I just think it’s not too good for my skin because the one or two times I tried, the skin around my nose area hurt quite badly.