Are You A True-Blue Lady

Excuse Me, Are You Really A Lady? 12 Tips On How To Become A True-Blue Lady

Today's topic is inspired by the popular 2010 Taiwanese drama series titled "The Fierce Wife " or "The Shrewd Wife" which I caught on YouTube recently. Those of you who have watched it might recall the makeover that Xie An Zhen, the female lead, went through to win her husband back. In a space of a month, she was transformed from an average looking housewife to a beautiful lady in the hands of Lan Tian Wei aka ...

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8 Tips To Make Your Smoothie Drinking Healthier

Last week I shared how I'm making smoothie a part of my diet so what has happened since? Well, I'm still blending and drinking them but I've decided to tone down by making a few changes. I've been reading a few reports and there are actually mixed views about drinking smoothies. Some are even claiming that smoothies are devastating to our health! In fact, I've come across a couple of people who blogged about why ...

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micellar slate

5 Ways To Use Micellar Water In Your Skin Care Routine

I've been curious about the use of micellar water as a facial cleanser. The idea of using a soap-free and no-rinse solution to keep my face clean certainly sounds intriguing. However, I am also concerned about its cleansing efficacy and if using such a product would compromise my skin care routine. This is the reason why it has never crossed my mind to get a micellar water cleansing lotion. I knew the raves about ...

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Delicious Homemade Smoothie

Why I’m now slurping smoothie which I once resisted

You would have thought that for someone who blogs about clean living, surely I should be into smoothies. Well, no, not until recently. Even though I had been drooling over those mouth-watering smoothie pictures, they were not part of my diet. In fact, I almost wrote a post about why I don't do smoothies a few months ago. But something in me told me to hold off in case I change my mind. And change my mind did! Fast ...

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Ammonia Free Hair Coloring

4 Less Toxic Hair Coloring Solutions To Cover Your Grays

What options do you have if you need to cover your gray hair regularly without using noxious, chemical-loaded hair dye that makes your head smells like horse pee? Well, you have a couple of choices---from store-bought henna powder to salon-based hair coloring treatments that promise lasting, vibrant colors while completely covering gray. With the exception of henna powder, all of the other options aren't 100 ...

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