Compact, mineral or loose powder?

Compact Mineral Loose Powder 1 Compact, mineral or loose powder?

My mum returned me the mineral powder foundation I got her a couple of months ago, saying that it’s not suitable for her.  My best friend, who tried some of the samples I gave her also had few good things to say about them.  It looks like, despite the raves, mineral makeup is not for everyone.   While I’ve been using mineral makeup for about a year now, and I do like it, but I do have some gripes as well.  Since I’ve been experimenting with compact and loose powder again these couple of weeks, I thought I’ll put together a quick comparison of these three from an amateur’s standpoint.

Classy smart casual Japanese fashion wear

2598504127 aa85c70151 o Classy smart casual Japanese fashion wear

I used to love flipping through Japanese fashion magazine to get inspirations when I was younger.  They’re always so refreshing!  When they’re not the loudest, they’re the the most creative and the most coordinated.  I mean, you can always spot a Japanese woman on the street by her most impeccable dress sense and perfect style.  

Anyway, I found some lovely designer classy smart casual wear on the website of Onward Kashiyama and thought I’ll feature them here.  I love these outfits for their simple cuttings and intricate details.  Check out those pretty hemlines!  So contemporary and feminine!

How to store & organize your hook earrings

2595753640 f05468453e o How to store & organize your hook earrings

I used to store my earrings in a jewelry box but found it less than ideal.  A few times, I got my earrings mixed up when I was in a hurry and ended up wearing different earrings!  So I thought I better try to get them stored in a way that I can access them quickly without any mixed up.  And I was really happy to find this good quality plastic cross stitch mat at the household section of Takashimaya which is excellent to hold all my hook earrings.  Actually, I prefer it over using sushi mats because the visual effect is better.

I can’t read those tiny ingredient lists

2590875427 a82e3818cf o I cant read those tiny ingredient lists

I don’t know about you but I have a major issue when it comes to reading those ingredient lists in fine prints.  They’re all SO tiny and I can hardly see them!  I have to squint my eyes really hard.  Well, of course it doesn’t help that age is catching up and my vision has turned poorer. 

Anyway, if you have a similar problem like me and you do want to read those ingredients on your products without having to resort to using glasses or a magnifier, then a good solution is to use a magnifying sheet.