Neal’s Yard Remedies Wild Rose Beauty Balm A Wonder?

Rarely do I write my introduction after I've written everything else but I did for this review. I had originally planned to share my thoughts about a couple of products sent to me by Neal's Yard Remedies but turned out, I have so much to talk about their Wild Rose Beauty Balm. No wonder this is an award-winning, one-jar, multitasking product! Even a review about it can become so effortlessly prolific! LOL. For ...

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Adonica Kube: Organic Skin Care And Wellness Boutique

There were many "firsts" for me when I visited Adonica Kube, an organic skin care and wellness boutique located at 112 Katong recently. I'd been to the mall a few times but that was the first time I came across the store, which carries a full range of natural, organic and eco-friendly plant-based products under the Naturalmente brand. Up till then, I've never heard of Naturalmente. But I've since learned that it ...

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4 Highly Raved Beauty Supplements From iHerb That Did Wonders For Others But Not For Me

I've been thinking of writing a post about highly raved products from iHerb that did wonders for others but nothing for me for awhile now. But each time I attempted to write it, I felt uninspired because the truth is--I don't enjoy writing negative reviews. Yet, I reckon they might be useful for consumers to get a different point of reference especially when these products are already well reviewed. So come with me ...

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Neal’s Yard Bee Lovely & Wild Rose Hand Creams

Hand creams are a staple in my life; I always need to have one within reach. In a day, I probably slather hand cream on my hands a dozen times on average--after every hand washing, while I am working, when I am bored and before I sleep. So I can tell what's a good hand cream in a fingersnap. Besides being able to moisturize and nourish my hands, it must appeal to my sense of smell and lift my mood. Now there are ...

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