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How to get the last bit from your beauty tube

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When I was using Skinceuticals SPF30 Ultimate UV Defense, I had this major problem because I could never get the last bit of the cream since it was impossible to squeeze all the sunblock from the tube as the opening was too hard.  It was not until my second tube that I figured out that since the tube is made of plastic, I could just cut the tube up and dig out the cream!  I thought I was doing something abnormal until I realized recently that other gals are also doing it.  Like The Muse who recently sawed open her Urban Decay Potion Primer! 

Online hair fashion gallery to inspire you

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The Cutting Chair is a new website on hair fashion started by James Lai. It’s worth a mention because you can get ideas of new hairdos from its hairstyle gallery featuring interesting haircuts from girls on the street as well as celebrities. In addition, the website goes further to provide visitors with the information on styling products, styling tools, and how to achieve the look for each hairstyle. So you can search for hairstyles based on your face shape, hair texture, color, even by keyword such as products, location or techniques. I’m particularly glad that James gave some focus to Asian hairstyles.

Which type of Vitamin C works for our skin?

2694807413 c81efc09ba o Which type of Vitamin C works for our skin?

It looks like more and more skincare products are including some form of Vitamin C in their formulations for obvious reasons of attracting customers who believe in their touted merits in skin rejuvenation and wrinkle reduction.  However, which is the true Vitamin C, which are the derivatives and what type of vitamin C really works?

Here, I’ll take a look at the difference types of Vitamin C and find out how well they perform.  

Eyebrow pencil or eyebrow powder?

2694509013 290babe8b9 o Eyebrow pencil or eyebrow powder?

Unless you have had eyebrow embroidery, otherwise, you most likely have to shape your eyebrows as part of your makeup application especially if you have sparse skimpy brows.

Eyebrow powder is less time consuming
I’ve always used eyebrow powder. It’s easy to apply, less time consuming and enhances the shape of my eyebrows more naturally since it is softer when applied and blends well with the hair of my eyebrows. I use this palette from The Body Shop I got as a gift and apply the powder with an angle eyebrow brush obtained from Sasa. And it takes me about a minute to shape my eyebrows and the powder stays on the entire day without fading off.