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Are organic & natural products useless?

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I’m currently stuck in a crossroad when it comes to my skincare regime.  While I’m very keen to go all natural and organic, I’m caught up with synthetic form of ingredients not available in natural formulas such as Mexoryl in my new sunscreens and hydroquinone in the recent anti-aging product that I obtained from my dermatologist.  On top of that, I was told by my dermatologist that natural and organic skincare products are useless and I’m wasting my money.  While I can understand that he said that out of professional interest but that got me thinking hard about the topic.  WAS HE RIGHT?

Better skin without Paraben & SLS

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You may have noticed that one of the main selling points of organic or natural skincare products is that they are Paraben and SLS free, amongst others.  Apart from the fact that these are said to be toxic ingredients suspected of being carcinogenic because of their ability to penetrate into our system with long term usage, how exactly are they damaging for our skin?   Let’s find out with some information I’ve gathered from various sources.

Cut down salt and sugar intake to look younger

2419297986 4f50fe078f o Cut down salt and sugar intake to look younger

I just learnt that excessive salt and sugar consumption is bad news for our skin and we need to cut back our intake of these if we want to look younger.

Why salt is bad for our skin
Too much salt in the form of sodium chloride is not only bad for our health but will result in water retention and result in those puffy regions around the eyes. In addition, consuming too much salt can cause high blood pressure which increases the risk of those unsightly spider veins.  I even read that it can contribute to acne and something else, wrinkles and skin pigmentation!

Organic deodorant that really work

2410426887 607ee3311b o Organic deodorant that really work

I have tried a few organic or botannical anti-perspirants and deodorants but they usually do not have good staying power.  In plain English, they suck.  Sukin Organics Deodorant which I reviewed recently performed better but fared badly in terms of usage.  So I was really skeptical about Nature’s Gate Organics Fruit Blends Deodorant which was mentioned in Health.com as an organic deodorant that work and leave you smelling sweet. 

But girls, they’re right.  This deodorant rub on stick which is paraben-free with no aluminum but contains only 100% natural and 70% certified organic, vegetable-derived ingredients does work!