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Skin sins: smoking, alcohol & caffeine

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Besides the fact that smoking as well as drinking alcohol and caffeine are bad for your health, they are also bad for your beauty as these can accelerate the aging process of your skin.

A review of L’Occitane best sellers

2376220767 8a01c47547 o A review of LOccitane best sellers

L’Occitane is a line of high quality body care, skincare and fragrance products made from organic essential oil and shea butter.   I’ve reviewed a couple of their products – many of which are L’Occitane best sellers – and for the convenience of my readers, I’m summarizing and consolidating them under one single post here.   

Breast boost without surgery and implants

2375340519 b0bcb3d94e o Breast boost without surgery and implants

Do bigger breasts give us better self-esteem?  While I don’t think so, but a study conducted by the University of Florida reports that women who underwent breast augmentations experienced better sexuality in addition to enhanced self-esteem levels.

Clinical assistant professor Cynthia Figueroa-Haas, Ph.D. surveyed 84 women who received breast augmentation surgery. While these women did not have notably low self-confidence or poor sexual function prior to surgery, the women showed improvements in both of these aspects following surgery.

50% off fashion bags, jewelry and apparel

2369243197 673bd40a6c o 50% off fashion bags, jewelry and apparel

Here’s my weekly feature on fashion and accessories and today, I introduce a new online store Cococesa which carries a range of apparel plus fashion accessories like bags, jewelry and sunglasses.  

The sunglasses, which are 100% genuine rhinestone with 400UV ultra violet protection are going for below US$5!   And the prices of their fashion bags start from just US$39.99.  And the best part for you?  50% off storewide when you use this special coupon code 50VIVA during checkout.   International shipping is also available.